Statement Drafter Josh Brahm on the Pro-Life Guys Podcast

By Matt Yonke | February 21, 2023

Word continues to get around about the Joint Statement on Building a Post-Roe Future including a recent appearance by Statement Drafter Josh Brahm on the Pro-Life Guys podcast.

Brahm, president of the Equal Rights Institute, joined the Pro-Life Guys on February 23 for an hour long conversation making the case for the ideas contained in the Joint Statement. Here’s how the guys described their conversation:

This may be a bit of a spicy topic for some, connecting social and fiscal policies as they relate to supporting parents facing challenging pregnancies, however, it is vital that pro-lifers seriously consider how to build a post-Roe future in a way such that parents and children are able to navigate even the most challenging circumstances.

Watch the conversation in the video above, or go to the Pro-Life Guys website for links to listen in your podcast app of choice.