American Conservative: Mississippi Governor Sets the Right Tone on Pro-Life Policy

By Matt Yonke | February 27, 2023

On February 27, editorial fellow Harry Scherer posted a piece on The American Conservative entitled, “Mississippi Governor Sets the Right Tone on Pro-Life Policy.

In it, he notes that Governor Tate Reeves of Mississippi was facing pushback from his political opponents over his proposal to make permanent the state’s Covid emergency policy of covering new mothers and babies for 12 months after birth under the state’s Medicaid program.

The article also quotes Joint Statement on Building a Post-Roe Future drafter Charlie Camosy, who says, “the governor’s pledge is a great step in the right direction… The political assumptions of fusionism have gone away, along with Roe, and this heralds a new moment full of possibilities that would have seemed impossible only a few short years ago.”

It’s great to see the Joint Statement covered again on The American Conservative along with a statement from one of the authors. Hopefully this prominent piece will encourage more conservatives to join the movement to put serious money behind our goal of making sure mothers, babies, and families are well cared for by our society.