Covers Joint Statement and Pro-Life/Pro-Family Legislative Efforts

By Matt Yonke | March 9, 2023

A new piece on well known political opinion site has given coverage to the Joint Statement on Building a Post-Roe Future as well as recent pro-life and pro-family legislative efforts in the spirit of the statement.

The article by Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux is titled “Some GOP Legislators Are Trying To Show They’re Pro-Life, Not Just Anti-Abortion” quotes Joint Statement signer Patrick Brown of the Ethics and Public Policy Center as well as Joint Statement drafter Charlie Camosy who says, “We need to be working to make the Republican Party into a truly pro-life party, but we were just not ready at all to make that pivot when Dobbs happened.”

It’s deeply satisfying to see these pro-family policies encouraged in the Joint Statement being enacted, and to see major media outlets taking notice.

The article is frank about the fact that there is still resistance to these policies in some conservative circles and that not all of the proposed policies have been successfully enacted, but it closes with a hopeful quote from Brown:

“I think the boat is slowly turning. But it’s an ocean liner, and we’re talking about reorienting society to be more pro-parent and pro-family, which will take some time.”