Mississippi Follows Through on Medicaid Extension for Moms and Babies

By Matt Yonke | March 17, 2023

Mississippi State Capitol Building

In another win for pro-life and pro-family policy, Mississippi has voted to provide 12 months of medicaid coverage to mothers and babies after birth.

Last month, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves called on his legislature to expand medicaid coverage for mothers and babies. During the Covid19 crisis, Mississippi extended medicaid coverage to mothers and their new babies for 12 months after birth, and Reeves urged his legislature to make that coverage permanent, which they have now done.

Mississippi is one of many states adopting this 12 month postpartum coverage including states as diverse as New York, Oklahoma, and Arizona.

The drafters and signers of the Joint Statement on Building a Post-Roe Future applaud these policies and encourage more states to put families first in their social programs.